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Project Management

This Component Project (CP) comprises the actions of management and integration of the CPs in order to achieve the goals of the project. It is responsible for training the team, purchasing equipment, organizing meetings and discussions about the project, and organizing the data. Critical analyses of the processes, evaluation and validation of the conduction of the project, as a way to monitor the progress of the activities that are performed each semester. This CP is responsible for disseminating the results to society and several actors of agribusiness, and promoting discussion on alternatives to adapt to the impacts of climate change on plant protection.

General objective

Building a Network for Research on climate change and plant protection.


Specific Objectives

- Train members of the team on the use of open-top chambers, FACE experiment, and introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS);
- Import equipment needed for the development of CPs;
- Ensure the technical and scientific quality of results;
- Organize and monitor the release and application of financial resources provided;
- Disseminate the results and information, and
- Coordinate the team to become a reference in the subject.